LFW Street Style - French Kiss

Recognise anyone? No, me neither.  When I first stopped Hannah, from French Kiss Vintage, who I shot before (in this post) at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair back in June I had no idea it was the same girl.  It's interesting considering that a few posts down I was going on about innate style, when Hannah is living proof that, when it comes to fashion sense, there really are no rules!  I can't choose my favourite from her two looks but what I do know is that she was rocking the courtyard at London Fashion Week in this get-up, check out the feather eyelashes in particular...

Btw, 4 posts in 4 days.... certain people should never again call me a lazy blogger!


  1. Wow she does look different. I prefer this look. Her hair is amazing. It was so good to meet you. Xxxx

  2. Love all the photos you have been posting Jennifer. And I agree with Dvora, she looks incredibly different here! I would love to have hair that colour.
    As I have said before, so great to spend time with you. Can't wait to see you again soon!

  3. hello¡¡¡ i love your blog is very cool...
    kisses from Mexico :D

  4. Here hair colour is so beautiful! I've been having the same problem all fashion week, squinting at people not sure if they are who I think they are!

  5. Love this post!!!And 4 posts??Well done, I'm not as good as u!

  6. ha ha ha...okay okay! daily postage, is unheard of from you. this girl sure does have cool style.


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