Hats off to Blitz Vintage - part 1

If you've ever thought that east London couldn't possibly need a new vintage store, I can tell you now you'd be wrong.  That's because Blitz Vintage Department Store has arrived in town with something new and fresh to offer us jaded vintage shoppers.  Spread over a vast Victorian warehouse space on Hanbury Street, it's a delight to shop in, with an accessible collection of hand picked quality vintage (all at reasonable prices I might add), a delightful collection of rare 40s, 50s and 60s vintage dresses, plus homewares and quirky antique furniture.  There's also plenty for the boys too, and if they get bored while you're browsing there's space for them to sit (on stylish leather sofas of course), read and enjoy a drink.  Here are some snaps from the press night this week, with huge thanks to Ella for the invitation, who'll feature in a future post (I took so many photos I'll have to do it in two parts!):

Self-style blogger Stella, a swingin' 60s chick and an absolute delight, in a dress borrowed for the evening from Blitz (and subsequently bought!)

A 60s sundress I fell for

Writer Angel Adoree, her gorgeous book, Vintage Tea Party, is out now, featuring patisserie recipes from a bygone era - there is definitely someone in your life who needs this for Christmas!

Sparkly knitwear, for when the winter sets in (any day now!)

Plenty here for the boys too (by which I mean the jacket and shoes above, not the lovely lady below)

Gorgeous vintage styling, love the coordinated hat and lipstick.


  1. ohh come on, you spoilt it by saying the ladies aren't there for the boys too! it doesn't hut though does it. i really want to visit here when i'm down, it really looks fantastic and much more considered that most. esp seeing it ticks the boxes for homeware and furniture too.

  2. There were soooo many events crammed into one evening, I was at Cochinechine event in Hampstead and ended up staying til the end, so I missed the Monki, Blitz and Burberry's.

    The photos looks fabulous!!!Love the last pic.

  3. I was supposed to be there but then decided at the last minute that i couldn't be bothered.

    however, i had a look inside this place yesterday and it looks great.

  4. Oh my goodness - looks like paradise in a warehouse. Great photos of what was evidently a great press night. The first and last photos are just gorgeously gorgeous. I can't wait to visit.

  5. In your photo Stella looks Stellar... What days you at LFW... BW Robert

  6. Hurray! The photo of Stella is lovely. I'll be putting more photos up from the evening soon. We just put up the photos from our bloggers dress-up evening. Check them out. Can't wait for part 2! xx

  7. I've seen Stella in other blogs before and she always looks terrific! This place looks wonderful.

  8. Oh, this place sounds incredible! I must try to go when I'm in London. The girl in the first photo is stunning! xx

  9. Love this pictures!You can feel the vibe of the place.Well done!


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