Back to the east - vintage street style

Aaah, after all the lovely craziness of fashion week and trying to get through the hundreds of photos I want to show you, it's time to get back to what I'm here to do (on the blog I mean, not life in general!) - bringing you the best of east London street style.  And where better to start than with this gorgeous vintage lady?  I took this photo several weeks ago, before we had this cold snap, and thought she must have been too warm in her coat with furry collar.  Oh, how the weather has changed, brrrr!  And speaking of fur, check out Celeste's story of our run-in with the anti-fur brigade at Beyond Retro today. Anyway, back to the glamour of this girl, she looks just perfect (and cosy) with the red lips matched to her shoes, coiffed hair and hat...bringing a bit of class to the streets of my stomping ground...

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  1. i would have been warm a few weeks back but i've been grabbing for a scarf for the past couple of days now. it's getting chilly up norff. pretty picture

  2. I really like her neckline! Lovely sweet looking girl.
    Yes you missed all the boobs! Damnit! hehe
    p.s your photos would look so good if they were really big! You should pump em up! xxx :D

  3. Loving the pops of color with the purple hat and red shoes. So cute!

    <3 Alison

  4. She looks brilliant! Have my eye on a very similar style coat at the moment... this photograph just enforces that I HAVE to have it!

  5. East London surly doesn't have to hide behind LFW style. Love this lady's look!

  6. A great example of how to be weather appropriate and not be boring, tres bien. xx

  7. Breathtakingly beautiful shot...

    your blog is uber fantastic

  8. hey, it's Aimee, the girl in the picture. So nice of you to be so lovely about me.

    This is my (inprogress!) blog, I'll have to post a link to your blog when mine looks better.

    Hope you're well xxxxx


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