Georgia Nash at London Fashion Week

Wow.  First trip ever to LFW today and what an experience.  I expected to be standing around not having much to do, wondering what on earth was going on.  But instead, I spent eight hours dashing from one place to the next, catching some amazing shows (Osman, Lako Bukia) and hanging out with Adorngirl (big thanks for the tickets!), and Abimarvel and meeting their fabulous friend, Krishna.  As well as bumping into all my favourite blogging ladies. 

I got loads of street style photos, as you'd expect, but for my first LFW post I wanted to introduce you to Georgia Nash.  Exhibiting at Hanbury Hall this evening, on Styleeast's home turf, I was absolutely stunned by the beauty of her designs.  Floaty chiffons, soft silks, fur and brocade details, floor length, like something a movie star might have worn in the 40s, with front-splits and sheer fabrics giving the occasional flash of leg and a modern twist to her retro designs. 

This collection was gorgeous and by far the most stunning I'd seen all day.  At first I was gutted about the blurring in some of the photos I took (caused by a] not knowing how to properly use my camera, and b] the twilight hour), but actually I've left them mostly unedited as I think the effects perfectly showcase the movement and glamour of Georgia's dresses.   Check out her stalls at Hanbury Hall, Hanbury Street on Saturdays and Sundays, and keep your eye on this lady, she's going to be huge and I bet we'll all be queueing for tickets for her shows next year.....


  1. Hi Gorgeous, it's Leon from Bertie, this is my blog addy. Georgia Nash's pieces look amazing this is shaping up to be an amazing fashion week. x

  2. These pictures are beautiful! the second shot looks like the painting came to life walked off the paper, and on to the catwalk. x

  3. Oh that's my fab friend Alicia at the bottom! What pretty designs Miss Nash has! Aimee


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