London Fashion Week street style - Georgia Frost

I grabbed this shot after the Masha Ma show yesterday.  In my not-down-with-the-kids ignorance, I had no idea who she was, only that she was wearing excellent trousers and my favourite shoes - creepers.  She was also very friendly and, obviously, absolutely stunning.  So it's no surprise she turned out to be (as I was informed today) model of the moment Georgia Frost.  Only 20 years old, according to Wiki anyway, and already a veteran of Burberry, Vogue and many other big names.  But even before I knew that, it was one of my favourite shots of the weekend....

Featured in Frock and Roll
Featured on Masha Ma

Aside from the gorgeousness of Georgia, today's LFW highlights include meeting the man without whom, probably, none of us would be here reading or writing this - The Sartorialist himself.  Overriding impression is that, in a scrum of photographers, he seemed incredibly calm.  Also enjoyed watching Jill charm Julia Roitfeld to the point where Julia asked Jill to look her up on Facebook. Swiftly following in the highlight stakes was afternoon tea with scones, cream and jam in the press lounge, whilst taking Kit, the Style Slicker's advice on how to sort out my (Olympus) camera - "get a Canon".  Wise words.


  1. hi! i shot her from the back...if only i would have known...:) was nice to meet you at the Masha Ma show. my blog is called- big ben little ben (ben is my sons name...) you won't be able to read as it's in hebrew, but there's a nice photo of you! the link:
    x karin

  2. Those trousers are fantastic! The whole outfit is great actually.

  3. those creepers are pretty different. post more pics!

  4. That is hilarious! (Kit's reply Get a Canon). That is so Kit I can see her saying that. With her enigmatic smile.

    Jennifer it was SO GREAT hanging out with you for your first fashion week. I'm just about to upload the shots you took, thank you.

    Georgia looks amazing btw. That was so funny when that nice guy was telling us her name and I'm writing down D-E-O.. I just couldn't understand a word he was saying but he was so sweet.

    Hey we just had a simultaneous post comment overlap.

    When you said goodbye today and that it was your last moment at fashion week I almost cried. I wanted to shoot you in those last moments but I figured at that point, enough is enough. Same with this comment actually!

    See you soon. xox

  5. great shot, i adore her slouchy jumper and the fact that she's wearing a backback, i need a backpack in my life right now! the scones are lovely, aren't they? i had some on the friday.


  6. Great picture, and no, get a Nikon, I'd say.

  7. Ah yes, Miss Frost is one stylish lady! Your blog is great - I came over here from the Vogue New Gen shortlist as I loved your photographs (and the backdrops). I'm on the list too under Charlotte Gush - take a look if you fancy.

    On my blog I'm currently posting street style images from Bestival... pop over if you fancy a gander!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail
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  8. Oh, and I'm now a new follower... keep up the good work! xx

  9. aww, georgia! she is so sweet. her trousers are fucking greatttt.
    lovely seeing you this week xx

  10. Hhahahahaha 'Get a Canon...'
    I said the same thing to Celeste today sooo funny.


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