Peachy keen

This is one of my favourite looks to date, I love the contrast of the sweet peach colours and 60s styling with the tattoos and fiery hair (which seems to be the colour de jour, see also here).

Also this week, I've been interviewed by one of my favourite independent magazines, Don't Panic.  You can read the article here, which , along with what I'm now calling (still in bewilderment) "the Vogue thing"  has effectively ended any hope of continued anonymity.  Oh well!  Thanks must go to the lovely Jill of Street Style London for putting Don't Panic in touch with me.


  1. Aww, thanks for mentioning me in your interview!

    And you've totally come out of anonymity now! No turning back now!

    I love peach colours, there's this label called Dress Up who have the loveliest peach shirts that I'm going to post. They're so yummy.


  2. Loving her hair :)
    and just read the interview, it was cool!


  3. Exciting times for you - well done! Love this outfit. Are you around the weekend of London Fashion Weekend? It would be great to meet up with a fellow Scottie as I'm coming down for the weekend. xx

  4. Oh I love this shot - is that a real tattoo on her leg? - and the way she's got those sweet navy anklets with white ribbon with what looks like sneakers.. will go look at your interview now. I thought they'd tell us when it's up - I hadn't checked.

    What's the Vogue thing? ; )

    Hope you're having fun up there. xo

  5. Not to my taste, but that just shows how she dresses to her own likes and tastes, and that is what makes the look so powerful. Another great spot as usal hun. xx

  6. this is so cool! shouldn't work, but totally does. haha, yay scotland!

  7. Jen you are on a roll! nice shot too =D x x x

  8. oh, you are getting about!

  9. You have such a good eye for spotting people with fantastic hair colors. Love this!


  10. I'm sure that's one of the hair stylists at the Fashion Mavericks event I went to during London Fashion Week Check the last picture of the bunch.


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