London Fashion Week street style - autumnal blondes

Do you have room in your lives for more LFW street style?  I hope so, as how's this for a new season colour combo - earthy shades of brown and rust, mixed with black and topped off with icy blond hair.  First up, Anastasia, who had just walked for Mark Fast and was still wearing her catwalk make-up, which I think looks great with her classic 'model off-duty' style...

I also noticed a recurring trend of maxi-length waistcoats or shirts over shorter layers.  I like it, it's a great mid-season look, worn pretty darn well by this beauty....

And finally, just to doubley emphasise what I am officially declaring a new trend, here are two of them, taking all the colours and toning them down a shade or two...extra points for the matching hair colour...

Now, be sure to tell me when you've had your fill of Fashion Week and I'll get back to pounding the pavements in the East again...!


  1. We will never get enough! keep the pics coming, as its so interesting to see your taste, and take on all the cool kids. x

  2. dito, i'm not done yet. keep it up. i'm all about the tonal at the mo, mostly browns, beiges and khakis. i think they really suit me.

  3. Love the fashion week pictures, will not get sick! Hope you have neverending supply!
    All these outfits are amazing, would be hard to pick my favourite, but I think it's going to have to be between the first and second, due to the colours, I very much like the rusty oranges. xx

  4. Loving your shots, Jen. It was great to meet you. Hope you've had a brilliant LFW - I can't wait for the next one, will be more clued up next time round! xx

  5. So like the gold fall colors, too.

  6. A very unique fashionable blog.

  7. Very cool looks - especially like the first one. I for one am still enjoying the LFW street-style photos...

    <3 Alison

  8. I love the rust and brown colour combo! The girl in the second photo pulls the layers off really well. I like that she went with the longer coat over shorter layers instead of the other way around!


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