Fashion maths

You may notice styleeast is looking a bit different.  I'm playing around with the new blogspot templates and am likely to change my mind every five minutes, as I'm prone to, before settling eventually on an exciting and appropriate new look for my little blog.  But in the meantime, here's another street style spot from last weekend.  Jazzy high-waisters (if anyone knows where they're from, please let me know!) + a little vest + some Ray Bans standing by for when the clouds part = a perfect outfit, simple and casual but striking nonetheless.  Oh and is that a Louis Vuitton I spy?  In which case, multiply the fashion points by ten...


  1. oh yeah it's looking wider, nice and clean. i really want a new header but never know what to change it too.

    aha jazzy high-waisters!

  2. loving those trousers - great outfit xxxx

  3. no probs! always like a nice daily read. re: the header, i'd have it for about 2 years so it's time for change!

  4. Hi
    You have a nice blog, I like it very much

  5. I love this look, so simple and so cool. But I hate the fact that it doesn't look good on me...
    Lovely blog. Added to my daily reads!

  6. Those pants, those pants... I NEED them!

    Love your new blog layout fyi.


  7. I like the new layout! Very simplistic and cool

    And I love those jazzy trousers - I'd love a pair!



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