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You may remember Nicole of The Power of Beauty , from not only the recent blogger meet-up but our own first encounter when she snapped me at Spitalfields for her street style blog . Well, congratulations to Nicole for recently completing her uni course and producing a fantastic end-of-year project - seven street style books, one for each area of London, each containing their own unique blend of local style and all beautifully designed, though you'll have to take my word for it on two of them, as somone had stolen them before I got there!  I popped along to see Nicole at her exhibition on Brick Lane the other week, to check out her books as well as the other weird and wonderful projects on display.  There is clearly a lot of talent, and some vivid imaginations, graduating this year.  Nicole is shortly to be leaving London but I hope she'll be back soon, for more blogger meet-ups and to continue with her keen eye for a street spot!

Looking like she should be appearing in her own style books, in turban and long lace skirt over leggings....

Some of Nicole's books...

And a few highlights from the other exhibitions....


  1. Nicole you are very talented and incredibly stylish !!

  2. i went to the exbition, and saw her at the stand and I recognised her straightwaway from all the blogger meet up pics. I didn't say her, coz she looked pre-occupied, its feels strange to me to approach someone, because they don't know me from anwhere. Th exhibition was great nonetheless

  3. What an incredible idea for an end of year project. Looks amazing!

    Lydia xxx

  4. Nicole is gorgeous and a very very stylish lady.
    I just bought a turban and I loveeeeee it!



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