Off to see the wizard

Styleeast is on a train, heading north, for some Scottish wedding and mini boater hat wearing/formal dressing action, and of course, a good ol' ceilidh.  Who knows the Dashing White Sergeant (non-Scots: it's not a person, it's a dance), the Gay Gordons (again, not people)? These are all the delights that await me, not to mention some peace and quiet, fresh air, my cat (she defected to the homeland) and a few days post-wedding to do nothing but catch up on some blogging now I've been reunited with my laptop.  Praise be!

But, I digress.  Here's the first of many shots I took at the weekend en route to visit Nicole of The Power and Beauty at her amazing end of year exhibition (more on that later).  As IF i was going to not photograph a girl wearing ruby sequin slippers and a fascinator for a day of wandering round the markets.  And why not.  Isn't that why fashion's so great?  Rules, shmules, wear exactly what you want, when you want, and if you feel happy on the inside you'll look great on the outside, as demonstrated by this flame-haired Dorothy.  Aah, London, there's no place like home...

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