Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

It's official - street style spotting is impossible in the rain.  Not only do all the stylish people apparently stay at home, but have you ever tried taking photos whilst holding an umbrella, a bag and trying to hand over business cards?  But anyway, this girl saved my day yesterday.  I'd just given up and was heading home when I passed her and she's so super stylish that it more than makes up for it being the only shot of the day!  I was drawn to her talent at putting together an outfit with rather a lot going on and making it look nonchalant, but then when I looked later I spotted some more interesting details - the sports socks, the folky pattern on the cuffs, and the furry collar, not to mention those covetable oversize glasses.  A little spot of sunshine in my rainy day.


  1. She looks fantastic. The print of the scarf is so pretty.

    Lydia xxx

  2. she look amazing!love your blog!!


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