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I'm more of an old denim and t-shirt type, possibly because I don't only have to dress smart during the week but corporate.  Ugh.  But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good bit of tailoring when it's worn with style, as demonstrated by each of these ladies rocking the smart trouser look in their own way.  Exhibit one - a gorgeous girl out scouting for American Apparel and wearing what I think are their new pleated pants (which I fully intend to buy, once I settle on a colour!) and pairing them to perfection with nude heels and a sheer blouse.  And exhibit two, a really interesting relaxed tailored look, with silk blouse and slightly cropped loose trousers, showing just a flash of sock and brogue...


  1. like the ladies wider trousers the bestest

  2. Lovely shots, both of them: I love your eye for composition. In both cases, the backgrounds are almost divided like Mondrian paintings, but with really good subtle colours and 'East London' texture.

    I'd love to see how you style yourself 'corporate'. Many many years ago, in another life back in NY, I was a designer in a large Wall Street bank. The art department was on the same floor as the CEOs, and we dressed so differently from the women on the trading floor: as 'artists', our dress code was pretty relaxed, but we still weren't totally casual. I'm kicking myself I didn't shoot us back then.

    No need apologise: you've been busy! Hope you had a great weekend. xox

  3. The first girl's outfit is styled to perfection!! She must look very cool at work.


  4. I love the american apparel trousers! I didn't know these existed, i'm going to have to take a look at them.

  5. love the look of the top image.

    I m moving so soon, we must get in tuch before I go. And I shall bring the book along with me that your in! x

  6. I love the first girl - i nearly bought that whole outfit this weekend - but alas my bank account wouldnt allow! :(


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